Guyed Triangle TV-Mast Towers: Are They Really Safe?

By Ian Darwin on 2006-11-20 00:00 in Category: internet

Somebody asked if a guyed TV tower is really safe. Well, two data points. One, I have a verbal opinion from Harold MacFarlane, of MacFarlane Electronics, who have been doing antennas since 1958, that it will, as long as it is guyed well, every 20 feet max. Second, driving around my area I see quite a few guyed TV-mast towers within a couple of country blocks of my place, most of which have been up for years and years with no trouble. You can see the two guyed towers in this pix by driving north on Ontario Highway 50 from Highway 9; they're both on the left; the first on the south-west corner across from Tim's, the second in the town of Athlone. If you get to the Loretto Tavern and haven't seen them both, go in for another drink. Click on either photo for a much larger version.
Guyed TV-mast tower at Hwy 9 and 50 Guyed TV-mast tower in Athlone, ON, CA
To be continued...
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