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Java Turns 20!

It's a birthday bash

By Ian Darwin on 2015-05-22 22:35

This year's JavaOne is going to mark the twentieth anniversary of this technology. It's a long way from Java 1.0 to Java 8 and 9, but it's a story of continuous (if slightly bumpy) growth and evolution. Oracle's takeover of Sun Microsystems was kind of a monkey wrench in the works, and took a while to get over the bumps, and left a few bruises (like MariaDB/MySQL and Hudson/Jenkins). But the worst is definitely behind us, and we're moving forward. Is Java the COBOL of the new century? Maybe. But it's much more alive and is active in many more areas of the computer field than COBOL ever was. Looking forward to seeing some of the cool new stuff at JavaOne - save the dates October 25-29, 2015, in San Francisco.
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