Apple and OpenJDK

Finally getting serious about Java?

By Ian Darwin on 2011-02-24 17:37 in Category: s/w industry oss java

Lest anyone doubt Apple's committment to working with Oracle on the OpenJDK project, Apple just emailed me back on a bug that I filed against the Mac implementation of Java... way back... in... 2003?!? Yup. Apple BugID #3179542 has finally been closed, a just about eight years to the day after I filed it.

"Engineering believes that this issue has been resolved.  Java 7 for Mac OS X as provided by Oracle will offer the directory structure that you seek."

I'd actually moved on from OS X on my desktop many of those years ago, and had utterly forgotten sending this report, but it's good to see them finally taking Java seriously, or at least making an effort.
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