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By Ian Darwin on 2009-01-28 04:09 in Category: politics

South of the border, Glenn Greenwald has been doing a pretty good job of showing how mainstream US journalists not only no longer expose law- and constitution-breaking by upper-echelon politicians, but actively support, encourage, condone and support it in their writings. And, about that country's vicious two-tier justice system.

Meanwhile, north of the border, we have a new federal budget. Today on the news, one of our darling Opposition critics was complaining about the Prime Minister's "tax gimmicks" - Harper plans to cut taxes as part of a package to get people spending. Calling this a "tax gimmick" is vicious - money collected by taxes does not originally and automatically belong to the Almighty State - it is taken by force of law from the people that own it. A personal income tax cut, for example, leaves more money in the hands of middle class and working poor. The "gimmick" is in taking this money away from them, then giving it to failing multi-nationals that are probably going down anyway (both because they have totally failed to renew and revitalize their business processes and their products, and because they're being bled out by the labour unions). These are the same multi-nationals whose US CEOs flew to Washington to beg... each in their own private executive jet. A gimmick like that, we don't need. In either country.
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